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Our Cake Design Diploma,
a new learning experience in cake decorating!

Unlike the traditional professional courses developed by manufacturing brands, such as PME or Wilton, which are usually divided in separate modules (such as sugarpaste, sugar flowers, royal icing etc.),

we have conceived our Diploma combining the most common, trendy and desirable skills and techniques of cake decorating.

The Cake Design Diploma brings the students to achieve the level of confidence needed to project and make beautiful, modern cakes for family and friends and, why not, to establish a small business.


If more skills will be needed, in a certain technical area and at later stage, the student will be able to chose among the Advanced Technique Masterclasses giving a deeper education in the fields of sugar flowers, royal icing, modeling and painting. 

No more unnecessary techniques and skills, no more old-fashioned styles, no more useless tools and materials to buy!

Basic Sugarpaste Techniques
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Our Cake Design Diploma is composed of 6 full-day classes, totalling up to 45 hours of tuition

During the course the participants will learn how to:

  • prepare, mask and cover cakes of different shapes and sizes;

  • make sugarpaste decorations in several styles and techniques (ribbons, bows, appliqués, onlays);

  • texture sugarpaste with embossers and tools;

  • model figurines, from simple to more advanced;

  • create realistic sugar roses, peonies, blossoms, different kind of foliage;

  • pipe royal icing in different techniques (brush embroidery, linework, pressure piping, cornelli etc.)

  • pipe several borders and writings in icing;

  • carve cakes for novelty cakes;

  • use wafer paper, metallic paint, ArtGel, airbrush, paints and modern embellishment;

  • stack multiple tier cakes;

  • choose the materials and equipment right for your project.

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Why is it different?

Our Cake Design Diploma course is like no other diploma course, because

It is independent: it is not connected to any manufacturing brand and its purpose is not the sale of tools, but its very core is and will always be to transmit skills and competences.


​​It is multidisciplinary: no more division in sectoral modules, you will learn anything you reach to reach an advanced level in just 6 classes.


It is progressive: you can learn at your own pace and in the order you prefer, although we suggest to follow the course as it is structured.


It is inspirational: you will not only learn the techniques, but explore the sources and ideas which can help make your cake standing out.


It is guaranteed by us: our course rely on our experience as cake makers ad the reputation we built in the industry and among our clientele, by teaching in shows, winning awards in competitions, purveying bespoke cakes for exclusive events.

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Fees and advantage

And the best thing about our Cake Design Diploma is that it has a very competitive fee: 890 Euro for the whole course!

This fee includes all materials (cakes or dummies, fillings, coverings, boards and boxes...) and the use of all the professional equipment you need for the course, as well as hot and cold refreshment and bits of delicious cakes!

But not only! Registering for the course will entitle you to further advantages:


A permanent 10% discount on all supplies bought during the course.


Our Membership Card, giving you access to our library and valid 1 year.


Special discounts on the masterclasses taught by external tutors.


A preferential fee for the Advanced Skills Masterclasses boosting your education even further!

Contact us for more information on payment facilities and current promotions

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