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Sono un paragrafo. Clicca qui per aggiungere il tuo testo e modificami. Sono un posto ideale per raccontare una storia e condividerla con i tuoi utenti.

Our Club: more advantages for your education

A few years ago, we have launched our Club, open to those students who wanted to improve their experience with us.

By joining this Club, you receive a Membership Card which giving you a number of advantages and benefits which you will regret not having enjoyed until now:

  • a permanent 10% discount on all supplies

  • access to our extensive collection of books and magazines

  • access to our group on Facebook (starting October 2018) where you will be able to discuss everything cakey

  • a dedicated bimonthly newsletter highlighting the last news on trends, new products, shows etc

  • priority booking for special events, such as guest tutors masterclasses

  • special seasonal promotions on our classes 





Our books and magazines collection

Keeping yourself updated and continuously trained is of the greatest importance when you deal with fashionable stuff like decorated cakes!

Over the years, we have collected a lot of books and magazines which we consult to this very day. Some are very old treaties on piping royal icing dating back to the time when you did not have all the facilites available today, some others are the latest trends from a famous cake designer. By referring to these sources, we discover new elements, get inspirations... or simply find that a certain genius idea we suddenly got had already been published 10 years earlier!

You can now access our library and borrow books that you can keep for some days* by simply subscribing to our Club!

*some rules apply for accessing and borrowing. Members declare knowing and accessing said rules.

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