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Every special occasion needs a unique cake and wonderful treats!

We have created cakes and sweet tables for several christenings, confimations, baby showers, hen parties, divorce parties, bar mitzvah and many other special moments. Not only, but for Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day and Christmas, we offer a special collection of seasonal treats.

Do not miss the chance of make your celebrations sweeter and tastier with our cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, fondant fancies, macarons, meringues...

Of course, we need at least one week to organise and realise your order, so be sure to book your date as soon as possible. Prices vary according to the kind of product, the number and the style of decoration. Cookies and cupcakes start from 4 Euro/each, cake pops and fondant fancies from 3 Euro/each. A minimum order of 10 personalised pieces is required.

If you want more information about our range of treats, send us an email or give us a ring!

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