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Innovative Sugarworks - Turntable Expander
  • Innovative Sugarworks - Turntable Expander

    The Innovative Sugarworks Turntable Expander™ is designed to provide a stable and expanded cake decorating platform for most commercial and non-commercial turntables.


    Professional, student, and hobbyist sugar-artists alike will benefit from increasing the standard turntable area, from 30 cm to 50 cm. Decorators of any skill-level can now work more efficiently and effectively without the confines of a limited work surface.




    • Expands the standard cake turntable surface area from 30cm to 50cm
    • Acts as stable surface when moving or transporting cakes/products
    • Molded and ergonomic handles allow for easy transportation of cakes in any stage of decoration
    • Frees up turntables for more than one project at a time
    • Fits most commercial and non-commercial cake-decorating turntables
    • Made from food-safe material that is dishwasher safe and easy to clean
    • Strong, durable, reusable, and easily stacked and stored
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