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A birthday is the perfect opportunity to order an amazing cake and choose a favourite theme for its decoration.

The limit is only your fantasy and do not hesitate to contact me for more assistance, while you can already have an idea of the flavour you prefer by downloading this cakes and fillings list.

If you need some inspiration for your cake, you can browse the galleries here below. But remember that I love new challenges, so no panic if you do not find anything that suits you (yet)!

I make by hand all flowers, figurines and other decorations to deliver the cake of your dreams. Alternatively, certain toy figurines are available for certain themed cakes. In any case, the sooner you book the cake, the better I can accommodate your desires.


Customised cakes in sugarpaste start from 9 Euro/person and the minimum size is 15 servings


For the youngest ones
Ideas for christenings and 1st birthdays, either classical or trendy

Kids and teens heaven
 Following your passions as you grow up

Toons, movies and fairy tales
Cakes with your favourite characters and heroes 

Animals, nature and countries
Display a piece of world on your cake

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