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In the past years, I have created a great amount of cakes and sweet treats for institutional and corporate events, such as anniversaries, conventions and meetings, helping my clients to strengthen their brand and image. 

From simple logo cookies to huge multiple tier cakes and sculpted creations, I approach your event in every detail, proposing the best combination of flavours and decoration to make your brand shine.

I have also an extensive experience in making cakes, real of fake, to be used as props in movies or TV shows.

My clients span from EU institutions, embassies, private companies in different sectors and political parties and I have had the chance to create some showstoppers for their events.  Some of the clients who entrusted me with their needs are different DGs of the EU Commission, Toyota, Ferrero, Linklaters, UCB, RTBF, 

If you want me to study the solution for your corporate event, contact me via email or by phone.


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